Building digital capabilities

In a post-COVID world, the services sector has been the most affected. Hospitality, tourism, accommodation, education, retail…the list is growing longer by the week. We are likely to continue with short notice ‘level’ changes alongside border restrictions for quite some time. The uncertainty around timeframes is difficult for many companies; what IS certain is that now is the time to take action.

For many, this action starts with building digital capabilities within your business. Quickly. The new world is digital-led, and many companies will need to both pivot their business model, and implement new digital campaigns that target the domestic market. The tech sector offers business innovation tools, automated systems and processes, and analytics-driven digital strategies that can be applied broadly across many types of businesses.

If you are interested in building digital capabilities in your business, you may be eligible for full funding through NZTE’s Regional Business Partner Network. Check out the Building Digital Capabilities service here, which is fully funded under COVID-19 and Digital Enablement categories.

I personally am able to bring my extensive experience in high-growth global tech companies to help you reposition your business for a post-COVID world, providing one-on-one digital enablement sessions tailored towards building capability within your business. Using a strategy framework I provide business advisory services on systems and processes, digital strategy, and analytics to drive customer engagement. 

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