Aerospace Summit takes off 🚀

Aotearoa, NZ’s inaugural Aerospace Summit kicked off to an enthusiastic reception at Te Pae ki Ōtautahi, the new Convention Centre in Christchurch. With Christchurch featuring as one of five Antarctic Gateway cities globally, it seems appropriate to reimagine ourselves as a city of opportunities supporting Aerospace and FutureTransport initiatives. Kea Aerospace founder Mark Rocket laid … Continue reading Aerospace Summit takes off 🚀

So, what is Deep Tech?

Deep tech startups usually spin out from new technologies developed within universities, CRI’s and within private companies. These startups often have protectable IP (patents or trade secrets), extensive datasets (barrier to entry), or research expertise (difficult to copy). Startups commercialising complex IP are often capital intensive, requiring substantial up-front investment to develop their product and … Continue reading So, what is Deep Tech?

Electrify Aotearoa

The national startup and investment ecosystem got together in Ōtautahi, Christchurch for Electrify Aotearoa. Why a female founder conference? As Marian Johnson (Ministry of Awesome) explained, “4 out of 5 startups are all male, with no women in the co-founding group at all. 83% of our startups are male. Our future world is being designed … Continue reading Electrify Aotearoa

Project Tāwhaki aerospace partnership 🚀

It’s been a week of aerospace and future transport announcements. This month’s Aerospace Christchurch Meetup featured a ‘preparation for Mars’ theme, with interesting presentations from UC's Dr Sarah Kessans and Dr Allan Scott, Jim Collins (Complete 3D), Miranda Sattherwaite (International Antarctic Centre), and Michael Tecofsky (RF Test Solutions). Linda Falwasser (Tāwhaki Joint Venture) with Minister Hon Dr Megan … Continue reading Project Tāwhaki aerospace partnership 🚀

Inserting A into STEAM

Dr Ashley Bloomfield

Aotearoa, NZ's big push on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is essential in a knowledge economy, and we continue to create massive economic value through our innovation ecosystem. However, the Arts (humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, design and new media) are more important than ever. Creative marketing campaigns have massive power to … Continue reading Inserting A into STEAM