Our small-to-medium sized businesses (SME’s) are the backbone of the economy here in Aotearoa, NZ. Now more than ever, your business needs to be digital-led.

Engage with us to:

  • Prepare for your future state and explore how new technologies can open business opportunities.
  • Implement a continuous innovation framework to explore emerging trends.
  • Develop your digital capabilities and tell your business story. 

Build the value of your intangible assets and create brand value.

What’s your brand story? How can you tell your story online and across your social channels? Create inbound marketing content (such as eBooks, blogs, and video), and set up your workflows using marketing automation platforms that will publish across social channels for brand management and customer engagement. 

Increase your brand awareness and drive your business growth: 

  • ATTRACT – customers through SEO (search engine optimisation), blogs, and social media.
  • CONVERT – customers with specific call to actions.
  • CLOSE – through workflows, email, and your CRM (Client Relationship Management system).
  • DELIGHT – ongoing engagement and customer satisfaction measures, continuing to create smart content.

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Michelle brings her experience of 10 years working within high-growth global SaaS technology companies to deliver value.