What’s your moonshot?

It’s the kiwi dream to be your own boss, and in a post-COVID world more budding entrepreneurs will be embarking on startup journeys. Many businesses are also undergoing digital transformation, or are in the predominantly COVID-affected services sector and are looking to innovate or to pivot towards a domestic market.

With personal experience under my belt of having sold the family home some years ago to turn a one page business plan into my first business venture, the entrepreneurial journey is both challenging and exciting – and you’ll learn a lot about yourself along the way.

So, what’s your moonshot? If you can identify a problem, propose a radical solution, and use breakthrough technology to solve it you’re well underway.

The support of an entrepreneurial ecosystem can significantly improve your business outcomes, and there are increasingly a range of options you can explore. From startup weekends through to business accelerator and incubator programmes, there are ways you can develop the capabilities you need to take your business forward.

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) recently released its crowd-sourced Entrepreneurship Manifesto, which you can download here. It was great to part of this collaboration process, with the vision of creating a diverse and more resilient foundation for entrepreneurial activities in Aotearoa.

Check out the resources and opportunities available in your region. If you’re in business already, NZTE’s Regional Business Partners Network can be helpful for funding business advisory or innovation services and digital capabilities to help you respond to new opportunities.

I’m offering services in developing digital capabilities which you may be able to receive full funding for, so feel free to reach out! Get the support you need to get your moonshot underway.