Have adventures and put yourself out of your comfort zone

Out of your comfort zone is where growth happens. My BHAG this year is to become a multisporter, and train for the iconic Coast to Coast race. I had the privilege of supporting a two-day team this year, which was inspirational.

It’s all about the journey, and getting to the start line. I am  inspired by people like Jenny Tough, who continually challenges herself with new adventures. As we go through life it’s easy to set adventures aside for sensible activities like paying off debt (student loans, mortgages) but any kind of adventure gets you out of your comfort zone and gives you a new perspective on life.

The first part of my training is all about setting foundations, which has meant visits to the podiatrist and physio, muscle balance testing, and developing a programme which builds on the 4 training pillars: nutrition, kayaking, biking and running. Sleep, rest days and stress management (including finding balance with family and work commitments) are a major aspect of the programme. I’m also utilising my secret weapon, yoga.

There is a significant time and financial commitment required. I’ve found a roadbike and kayak on Trademe, which will get me underway while I start to build my skills and fitness. Joining the local kayak club was a brilliant move, as kayaks are readily available for a small annual fee. And social media for motivation, including the C2C FB group.

My kayaking Grade 2 Certificate was a big confidence booster for getting on to moving water, and I’ll be signing up for different events through the year. Breaking down the goal of travelling 243km from the West to East coast by foot, bike and river into manageable milestones is the key to successful preparation.

I’m excited about the journey ahead, getting into spectacular nature, and I’m meeting some interesting people along the way! So, what’s your next adventure?

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