The art of peak performance

There’s a lot of information our there on how to achieve peak performance, and this is an area I’m passionate about. When you’re looking after all aspects of your life, body and mind you can fire on all cylinders and perform at the highest levels across the board.

Taking time to prioritise your health, your relationships and your personal growth is not easy. Life is busy, and often we feel we are in survival mode more than thriving. Take some time for yourself and consider how you can find balance between these 5 areas of your life:

  • WORK – your career and financial situation
  • HEALTH – your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • GROWTH – a growth mindset, including reading, listening to podcasts and learning new skills
  • SOCIAL – your relationships with family, friends, and your community
  • SPIRITUAL – whatever form this takes for you, including appreciating the beauty of nature

Take regular reviews of your lifestyle, and set yourself goals. Be proactive, and if things aren’t working out for you look at ways you can level up. Spending more hours at work to develop your career, for example, may come at a cost for your personal relationships and health. Work out a strategy – which might include organising a regular date night and concentrated personal training sessions at a gym – to ensure you are maintaining balance. Getting to peak performance also includes taking some time to rest and renew.

Burnout is an issue for many high achievers, so start planning now and break your goals into smaller monthly milestones in each area. Work smarter, utilising your precious hours in each day to work towards your longer term goals. Getting up an hour earlier can help you set your day up for success. Use this extra time for journalling, planning, or perhaps a yoga or meditation session to set your intention for the day.

Prevention is better than cure! Put the time into yourself and you’ll reap the rewards.