Growth hacking your business

Sometimes it is challenging to make a start with marketing your business. Often, marketing resources are at the bottom of a long list of priorities and expenses.

So, what is growth hacking? 

Growth hacking is part of the online marketing ecosystem and includes SEO, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing. Growth hacking is a relatively low cost way to reach new customers, with a focus on a strong online presence including using social media channels.

It takes some effort to create your own content, but offering high value content such as regular blog posts, specialised eBooks or even whitepapers can not only help promote your products or services, but also set you up as a thought leader in your sector.

Social media channels are important for magnifying your message, building your online brand, and engaging with your target market. Build brand equity through online community management and social media outreach to raise your business profile.

Digital marketing can be a much cheaper alternative to traditional marketing channels. Growth hacking is important for early stage companies in rapid growth mode, with lead generation the ultimate goal. Growth hacking also involves a test-and-measure approach. Test the effectiveness of keywords and persuasive copy, and boost your conversion rates.

How to get started

You need to understand your ideal customer, and their needs or problems that you have a solution for. Take some time to research this, and create your customer personas.

Where would your customers find information about your products or services? Are they on Linkedin or Twitter? Set up on the appropriate social media platforms, and then craft your marketing campaigns so you can keep optimising your marketing strategy.

If you’d like some help to make a start, contact us today for more information.