3 ways to put yourself out of your comfort zone this year

I seem to continuously put myself out of my comfort zone, and not always intentionally. As a curious person I  like to say “yes” to opportunities, and set goals that lead to interesting places.

One of these was Paris, late last year, en-route to Web Summit in Lisbon. The Goddess of Victory stands proudly in the Louvre Museum, an outstanding example of Hellenistic sculpture that dates back to 180 BC.  Nike made a big impact on me on my visit to Paris late last year – and I also have a new appreciation for the marketing genius behind Nike’s sports brand positioning and “Just Do It” tagline.  

Radical transformation 

The roaring ’20’s of the last century were an age of dramatic social and political change after WWI, with technology like phonograph recordings and the telephone transformative to society. The ’20’s of this century will be radically transformative again, and we all need to give consideration (and voice) to how technology can empower society in a positive way.  That was certainly one of my key takeaways from Web Summit, with many tech leaders expressing concerns about where we are heading as a society.

So, what are 3 ways you can put yourself out of your comfort zone this year?

  • Get involved

Have a voice, speak up, check your news sources and disregard ‘fake news’. Don’t take the clickbait! Consider how algorithms and bias influence our opinions and reactions. It is easy to be a passive consumer on social media, so also consider ways you can become a creator of content for those issues close to your heart. Stand by your values and speak your truth.

  • Travel somewhere you have never been 

Explore your own backyard, and also get yourself out into other cultures. Explore new ways of thinking, and gain fresh perspective. If you get invited to a conference like Web Summit in Lisbon, say “yes” and make it happen!!

  • Fitness challenge

Body and mind are interconnected, so try something new this year or sign yourself up for a fitness challenge. Preferably a stretch goal – which for me this year is the 2020 Coast to Coast. Gulp.

The ’20’s will be a decade of transformative change for our society, and one in which we will be constantly putting ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Make a start and Just Do It.