Power up your life in 5 easy steps

Are you feeling a bit stressed? Try this.

As a business growth specialist I deal with stressed out business owners. As a veteran of 10 years developing a hospitality franchise, and now 10 years in the tech sector, I fall back on my own yoga experience to power up.  I’ve taught yoga on the side for many years now, and I’m influenced by the work Dr Amy Cuddy has done on how your body language can shape who you are. If you haven’t seen her TEDTalk yet, over 50 million others have and you can view it here.

From my experience, there are five key benefits from yoga that you can use to ‘power up’ your life – whether or not you ever get along to a class.

  1. Posture

Good posture projects confidence. Stand tall, align your body, and draw your shoulders back. Be aware of your posture when sitting too, and if you are deskbound for long periods of the day try a standing desk.

  1. Flexibility

Ageing is a stiffening process, so work on developing agility and suppleness –  and keep a spring in your step.

  1. Strength

Increase muscle tone and bone density – and feel powerful too! Any form of weight bearing exercise can help you build your strength.]

  1. Balance

Stay grounded, and be aware of your foundations. Build balance in all aspects of your life.

  1. Breathe

The benefits of conscious, mindful breathing are increasingly well known for improving concentration and control over your emotions. If you are wanting to reduce anxiety, depression or sleep dysfunction, take a look at this TEDX video here.



Yoga incorporates all of the above – posture, flexibility, strength, balance, and relaxation using guided breathing sequences. So, if you’re looking to power up for the year ahead, get started and make a change.

Check out your local yoga studio or gym for a class, or take a look at some of the fabulous teachers online. There are a range of styles of yoga, so look for an experienced and qualified teacher and feel the difference.